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Santa's Girl

Hello unique.
 I wore this outfit on Christmas day. Normally my Christmas day doesn't include dressing up; I would rather stay in and just eat, sleep, watch TV and do this all over again and I always end up missing morning services in church. But I wanted something different this time around. And yes I’m Santa’s girl because I decided to do some Santa’s duty by dropping off gifts to special friends. And what better way to carry gifts other than a big red bag like Santa’s does.  Hahaha. Since its Christmas day I decided to wear my favorite and versatile piece. I made this skirt in so many colors, and this gold one is the first I made, so I’m attach to it. It’s a fun skirt to wear and it always makes me want to twirl, I like the Barbie like feeling anytime I wear this skirt or any of the other colors. I didn't’ want to look all Christmases’, so I just add a touch of red to my outfits.
since I'm going to be walking around a lot, I settled for a comfortable wedge.
Stay Great.

Valentine Gifts Idea

Hello Unique.

So I decided to do a quick post about a valentine gifts idea because I guess like everyone else, we all, are always looking for something different and unique to give to our love ones. Imagine how glad I was to have stumble upon a website just before valentine that carries this unique piece. This flats comes in different colours, and from the look of it alone, you will know it’s very comfy.  This polka dot design happens to be my favourite. Especially the red one. So many ideas on how to style this piece came to me when I first laid eyes on it. It was love at first sight.
You can check out their website FlossyshoesNig for more of their collections.

Have great shopping experience.

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