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Hello Unique.

 Today’s post is all about my recent obsession and what better way to show my obsession for something other than making a post about it and making it a post titled. I have watched the animated movie Tangled for at least without exaggerating twenty times. I love every minute of this movie, the  characters; Rampuzel,  Eugene and Max (Maximums happen to be my fav), the story line and most especially the songs (mandy moore never disappoint in this aspect).
Before I talk about my outfits I will leave you with the few lessons this movie thought me. 1. only the fear of failure makes dreams impossible.  2. it’s ok to have a dream 3. make a move to fulfill your dreams.
4.  don’t let anyone tell you, your dreams are not good enough. 5. it’s never too late to turn a new leave, as in the case of Ryder/Eugene.
6. take a chance on others, they might be the best thing that happens to you, as in the case of Max and Ryder.

Now for my outfits, I’m as obsessed with wearing jeans as with wa…

Sunday essential

Hello Unique.

Whenever I come back from church, the first thing on my mind is always how to quickly remove my formal wear and get into something loose, blowy and free. And what always come to mind is a maxi dress.
Its so easy to wear and style.

And because Sunday happens to be my free time to check out new places and just have fun, my dressing, normally consist of me wearing a maxi dress, because it’s so easy to move around in it, a sun glass, because of the sun, and a small bag to carry my glasses, gadgets and wallet.

I sometimes interchange between a hat in place of sun glasses.

When picking a maxi dress, detailing is very important, pick the one's that won't demand extra accessories. Stay great.

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You better work, work

Hello unique. I have been MIA because of my semester exams, which I'm done with,but I'm starting the next semester right off. No break for me,its all work and more work.  
 I have never been a Britney spears fan, I can’t relate with her kind of music, I know its pop but I don’t know maybe it’s her voice that I don’t get. I have been seeing and hearing this her song called 'work'on radio without actually listening, because like I said her voice is kind of distracting, in the sense that you will never believe she’s singing anything other than some sexual lyrics.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the song with these lyrics on the TV. You wanna hot body You wanna bugatti You wanna maserati You better work. You wanna live fancy Live in big mansion Party in france You better work. Just be the champion (she didn't say be a champion, but be THE champion) Work it hard like it’s your profession. Here comes the smasher, I believe now you get it. This song practically sum up my …