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UN-Attached in Grey

Hello unique.

Though I'm un-attached in my relationship status (by choice) still waiting for the one(prince charming)Haha!, I'm attached to this dress. I and this dress have been together for years now, believe me the life span of this dress is every economic minded person dream. lol. To be direct this dress have always been there for me through thick and thin, and I mean this literally! it is my go to dress any time I have a formal event to attend; the material is thick and the cut is long enough to rock it in sky high heels without looking too sultry for formal outings. It my best body-con dress because this dress has away of hiding those bump in your belly area that makes one feel insecure, so whenever you feel like getting a bodycon dress go for the one’s with thick sweater like material, go for lengthier one’s so you can be able to rock those sky high heels with it without looking out of place in a formal event. 

The wind won't allow my hair to rest.

Stay great guys.


Back in Stripe in the Pursuit of Happiness

Hello unique Right before now I was somewhere between wanting to blog and not being inspired enough to do so, somewhere between trying to figure out what I want out of life, looking for happiness in the wrong place, without realizing happiness is something I need to take for myself, theres nothing wrong in wanting more in everything you do, theirs is no joy in being in a situation that only brings you pain and headache, sometimes you just have to take back the power you give people to hurt you and fight for what you deserve by not cutting yourself short or by thinking it’s okay to manage crumbs when you can have the whole loaf. Sometimes one has to risk being hurt to find that true happiness. I woke up this morning with the strong desire to do more for myself go out there and be the best of me, by not allowing anybody to rule my emotion or make me depress, I’m ready to pursue my own happiness, and one of it is blogging, wow! Glad to be back, hopefully for good. whenever I think of bl…