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Snow flakes

Hello unique.
The thing I love about a loose fit dress is that it can make one feel sweet and sexy at the same time, it so unlike wearing a tight fit dress that can make you feel insecure about all the edges. Haha
At  first I wanted to use a belt on it, but decided against it when I felt how the dress cling to me when I walk, and that’s the main reason I prefer a dress made from cotton. Keeping this look clean was very important to me, so I decided to style the dress with gold and cherry colour accessories with lipstick to match. Can you believe I thought the print on this dress was ‘polka dot’ only to find out the second time I wore it that it’s ‘snow flakes’ print. It just made love this outfit the more.

Stay great.


How to wear ankara print

Hello unique.

Most of my Ankara ensembles are mostly for special occasions/events. And since I don’t think I can ever get tired of making or wearing Ankara print, I just try to switch things up by pairing it with my everyday wear to be able to achieve a casual look. Pairing it with this jean is such a success that I just want to start designing all kind of Ankara print blouse. Tehe. Did you notice anything different about these photos?

 I and my brother decided to experiment with these photos, because we wanted to capture the simplicity of this look in an ethereal and close-up shot, and I just love how it came out, so expect more innovative pics in future. Stay great.