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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Merry Christmas everyone.

I know there's excitement in the air all over the world, because it's the most wonderful day of the year, as a result of this, when I woke up this morning the first thing that came to my mind is this lyrics below, which to me sum up the whole idea of Christmas.

Fear not said the angel
Let nothing you affright
This day is born a saviour
Of the pure virgin Bright
To free all those who trust in him
From santans power and might
oh tidings of comfort and joy.

With all these in mind I decided to celebrate with balloons and sequins for sparkle.

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.
Celebrate right people and have a great time, love you all.

Sequins dress =UTDesign

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Black out

Hello unique Hope you’ll are doing great this season and taking things easy. I can’t believe I’m blogging about the outfit I wore out just yesterday, if this is not real time blogging I wonder what is; this is possible because I have a lot of time on my hand since I've been down with the flu, I’m stuck indoor with lot of used tissue from blowing my nose which is hurting real bad and a flask of hot tea for my throat.The weather in this northern regions is so bad and annoying, the dust won’t let you breath well, the sun is so hot it can dry and burn your skin, and it’s so cold you need a sweater, in fact it so hard to know what to wear in this condition, but since I was forced to go out to do some school errands, I just decide to dress the way I’m feeling, sweater for the cold and sun, in fact, this is the second time this week I wore this outfit out and the first time I’m wearing an all black outfit without a pop of colour, this says a lot about my mood.

 Oh! And I’m wearing my new f…

Dots and Stripes


Living without the past

Hello Unique 
Moving on is never easy , one can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months overanalyzing a situation; trying to put pieces together, justifying what could’ve , would’ve happened or one can just leave those worries and questions behind and move on. It happens to everyone of us as we get older, you find out who you are and what you want, and realized that people you’ve known forever won’t be around forever, sometimes they go on their own, other times they go without having a choice, all these makes it so hard to love, but love is inevitable mostly with family, so just keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.

One must make a decision to move on, it won’t happen automatically, you will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m moving on with my life. Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone anymore, it is just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. And…

The Perfect Pant

Hello unique.

The perfect pant for me is the one I can walk freely with without any kind of constraint, the one that doesn't case my thighs like sausage, the one that gives curves without been tight but tight around the waist to emphasize the curves. All these were what I had in mind when creating this pant.

I wanted something different from regular pants, something unique and comfortable for everyday wear but chic enough for emergency events; those times you receive last minutes invitation but want to look like you made an effort in choosing your outfits even with less time to plan, this pants has served me on those occasions, I just look for blouse that goes well at that moment, mostly something simple and feminine.
I also wanted a pant that everyone will first assumed it’s a skirt, but at a second glance realized that “wow! It’s a pant” and I'm happy I got that kind of reaction. Haha

I had so much fun with this pant the day I wore it, it billowy, sensuous and pretty comfo…

Heavens Gain

Hello unique.
These is not going to be a photodiary post, but let us first bow our heads and have a moment of silent for my dad whom I lost recently. I know he is lost to the earth but gain in Heaven.
It’s not easy for me to talk about this, but I know I will never be ready to move past this burning sensation in my heart if I do not make effort to write about it; writing down my thought has always been therapeutic for me, veritably it is one of the reason I started this blog, the pictures and styling is just an addition.
At first I thought it was all a nightmare that I would soon wake up from only for me to be faced with the unyielding truth that ‘this is reality’ and it’s high time I realized that the world has not come to an end. Now I’m faced with so many questions because it seem unreal that something like this will happen to the most selfless person I know in this world, it just seem so unfair the valuable people in this world has to go earlier than the wicked.
 I received so ma…

Two Piece

Hello Unique
Creating and buying two piece ensembles is one of my recent fashion must have, simply because it’s so economical and versatile; it can be matched together or styled individually for a whole new look. Though I’m partial to styling it separately, but decided to try on this matching set I made recently together. I know most times two piece matchy sets like this are worn to show off the stomach area, but I was going to an event where styling it that way won’t be suitable. You see! The environment helped formed my style and the choices I make when I design or buy clothes.

You see this midi-skirt is no longer like this; I transformed it into a pencil skirt because I wanted a pencil skirt with this colour tone, (The advantage of being a creative designer)that’s  the fun part of what I do, I'm able to create and recreate on a whim. I even sometimes deliberately cut out old dress in two just to have a two piece that can be styled separately. Yep! I do this when I have old dre…

Fringe Frills, My Style and Braids.

Hello unique.


Hello unique.

I have heard people call me snob on some occasion, and I was starting to believe it, not until I decided to check the actual meaning of snob which states that a snob is “someone who tends to criticize, reject, or ignore people who come from a lower class or have less education. After seeing this meaning I felt so much better because I realize I have never been a snob, mainly because I’m too self absorb to ignore people or care about their social status. I can understand why some people will think I’m a snob, one because most times I don’t even remember the names of people I have met until at least thrice. ( thank God for my friend Ope that helps me keep record of people I talk to for the first time). Most times I’m in my dream world. Two, because I’m more of a listener than a talker; this is  good because it helps me know how people around me think and bad because some people will think I don’t  say much when they are around because I’m  feeling too important. Wrong! La…

Basically basic

Hello Unique.

I was having a hard time deciding what to wear the day I wore these outfits; those days when none of your clothes seem to fit properly and you feel disgusted with yourself for feeling bloated and out of shape. Yep these was how I felt that day, I couldn't just decide  to wear a pair of jean and tee, because it was a Sunday morning, which means serious dressing up(I make extra effort on Sundays when it comes to styling)mostly corporate outfits, because I won’t go to my king house dressing like a commoner. Oops! Now this situation made me decide to go basic with these black and white ensemble, black because it’s slimming and this loose fit ones makes you feel comfortably chic, and the white shirt just gives that freshness that I needed to feel; my mood was way under and although white is not slimming the loose fit ones just makes one feel better and refresh. These pumps were my way of adding character to this look, since I’m known for adding colour to my entire outfit…

Theme player or Nay?

Hello unique.

I’m here trying to decipher how I manage not to post this look from last year. It’s puzzling because I have always seen this look on my system, but subconsciously thought I had already posted it, not until I recently all of a sudden I realized I have not upload this look. Woot! This is actually my thanksgiving outfits; it was a theme outfit for my church choir. We were given materials to make this exact style. I have a love and hate relationship with theme outfits, I love it because it is beautiful when in synchronous, don’t care much for it because everybody’s will be wearing same outfit; you can only stand out without breaking the theme style by making sure yours  fit you perfectly. Though I love Ankara print, I only make them occasionally for celebration, mostly weddings, I hardly wear them casually and when I do I wear it like This I love to carry big bags whenever I’m wearing a straight fit outfits, black bag this time because of the black top, I wanted to coordina…