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Okay guys here is the thing I’m not a fan of the colour pink, believe me I don’t care for that colour, it’s just too girlie for my liking, I’m more of the black, grey, white and red kind of girl. But from this outfit I’m wearing right now you will think I love the colour, the thing is I cant really say what came over me when I decided to buy this pink pant, it was a buy of the moment, you know those time you buy things and later wonder ‘what was I thinking’ HaHa! But since I was stuck with it I decided to go all out with styling it, and since I have been loving the monochrome look for some time now so I decided to try it out with pink since I had already tried it with white,black and grey colours.

 Because I didn't want to look too matchy matchy, I decided to play with different shade of pink. Though this look is so not me, I’m loving it anyway. Pairing the pant with this sparkling top from utdesign makes it more fun wearing it, I designed the top with this pant in mind that is w…

The Oversized Top Solution

Hello everyone! Hope you all doing great, today I’m sharing my own personal over-sized top solution, by now you all should know that I love over-sized top, I always believe the bigger the better and I sometimes tend to design my blouses collection in that order. However I have come across some readers and buyers that don’t care for over-sized top like I do so I decided to share how to easily turn an over-sized to something more fitted without the usual use of belt.

 It very simple, just use an old vest you have to fit over your over your over-sized top and viola! You get this voqueish look, the first time I tried it I fell in love with this look, and I couldn't wait to share it with you guys, so go get discourage by that over-sized top, be inventive. I styled this outfit with this leather and lace legging because I going for a modern cowgirl look haha!

Stay Great Guys!

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Mix And Match

Hello Unique
The major thing that excites me the most about fashion is being able to style an outfit however I like without caring whether I’m breaking some invisible rule or not, styling for me is based on my mood, I have confirmed here on the blog before that I’m a mood dresser, that is; I only dress based on my current feeling, I tend to wear quirky outfit like this when I've made some major confident decision and feeling good about it. Mixing and matching outfits is something I do when I’m feeling very confident and comfortable in my own skin and the trick to mixing and matching printed items is finding the link between  the items you have decided on; the link can be in colour, for example I styled this two item together base on the common colour yellow that is in both outfits.

Another trick to mixing and matching outfits is being able to own up to your selection and walk in it with boldness, because believe me people will not buy into your outfits if do do not wear it with c…

Ankara Midi-Skirt

Hello unique.
Wow! Happy new month everyone and it’s my Birthday month, in fact it’s 5 days to my birthday #november6, I’m excited at the same time a little bit sad because a lot has change during the period of my last birthday to now, some good but most bad, but I’m still grateful for the love ones I still have with me that makes my life richer and happier. Anyway on a lighter tone  here is the outfit I wore to a wedding event some few months back, I've always had issue when it comes to dressing up for events like this because my style tend towards the darker tones like black and grey and most people would find you disrespecting and offensive when you show up with dark shade like that, (exactly why I hardly attend wedding ceremonies not because I don’t believe in everlasting love between two souls).

So  I decided to change things up a lot by designing a light shade outfit like this two piece ankara midi skirt with blouse. It is simple but elegant enough for a wedding ceremony. …