Okay guys here is the thing I’m not a fan of the colour pink, believe me I don’t care for that colour, it’s just too girlie for my liking, I’m more of the black, grey, white and red kind of girl. But from this outfit I’m wearing right now you will think I love the colour, the thing is I cant really say what came over me when I decided to buy this pink pant, it was a buy of the moment, you know those time you buy things and later wonder ‘what was I thinking’ HaHa! But since I was stuck with it I decided to go all out with styling it, and since I have been loving the monochrome look for some time now so I decided to try it out with pink since I had already tried it with white,black and grey colours.

 Because I didn't want to look too matchy matchy, I decided to play with different shade of pink. Though this look is so not me, I’m loving it anyway. Pairing the pant with this sparkling top from utdesign makes it more fun wearing it, I designed the top with this pant in mind that is why I added the same shade of pink to the neck, and the top been over-sized makes it scream meeeeeee!( I talked about my love for over-sized top on my previous post,Check it out HERE)

 So there’s nothing wrong in compromising your style a little, just add your personality. And never say never in fashion.

Top>>>  UTDesign 

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  1. Adorable outfit, I love pink color. Kisses :)

  2. i used to not really like pink in clothing, but somehow it worked its way into my wardrobe and made me change my mind, haha! this's a lovely outfit though, suits you well! x

  3. So cute look!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava


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