Thursday, September 25, 2014

Theme player or Nay?

Hello unique.

I’m here trying to decipher how I manage not to post this look from last year. It’s puzzling because I have always seen this look on my system, but subconsciously thought I had already posted it, not until I recently all of a sudden I realized I have not upload this look. Woot!
This is actually my thanksgiving outfits; it was a theme outfit for my church choir. We were given materials to make this exact style. I have a love and hate relationship with theme outfits, I love it because it is beautiful when in synchronous, don’t care much for it because everybody’s will be wearing same outfit; you can only stand out without breaking the theme style by making sure yours  fit you perfectly.
Though I love Ankara print, I only make them occasionally for celebration, mostly weddings, I hardly wear them casually and when I do I wear it like This
I love to carry big bags whenever I’m wearing a straight fit outfits, black bag this time because of the black top, I wanted to coordinate the black to give it that dominance because the skirt is vibrant and has no trace of black. Bright hues like this skirt material would have been great with something bright, but like I said above about my hate relationship; in theme outfits you have to work with anything you are given.
Oh! How I wanted to photograph this look with the rest of my choir sisters, totally forgot, it was so beautiful and well coordinated, oh well!  Some other time.
Stay great guys.

                                            Skirt and Top>> UTDesign

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lazy Dresser

Hello unique's.

Like most women I have my off days when it comes to styling; instances where I don’t feel like wasting a perfectly hardworking outfit on a regular occasion. Of course, it’s not to say I’ll go out looking sloppy on my suppose blogger off duty day.
I try to stick to piece that are eye catching (mostly printed top) and has good silhouette, I make little effort like these because I’m a lazy dresser and first impression no matter where you are going matters a lot, you never can tell who’s watching you.

I’m one of those people that worry about wasting a perfectly good outfit on a evening stroll or on an ordinary day.
If you’re wondering if you are a lazy dresser, check if your wardrobe consists of jeans and varieties of tees trust me this is one of the symptoms of a lazy dresser. Haha. But do not lose sleep over it, like I said above just get vibrant tops and cleave to well tailored pant or skinny jeans(I’m obsessed with the high waist one’s) you can also add a vibrant flats or pumps to bring your look together effortlessly. And shift dress with vibrant colours and print is a must for a lazy dresser. Who says you can’t be a lazy dresser and still be fashionably presentable? Sure you can.
 Today I’m wearing my all time favorite shirt, I love this shirt one, because it’s big and breezy (you know my quote about shirt like this ‘the bigger the better. haha) two, it leopard print and whenever I see leopard print I think of red, probably the reason for wearing this vibrant neon red flats, can’t go wrong with this babies. 

Have you guys notice my recent preoccupation with high waist jeans and crop tops; (you can tell by my Instagram pics) I don’t know which is prerequisite to the other, but I can bet my obsession for cropping nearly every shirt I own or collect from my brothers, brought  about my need for high waist jeans. Is this a  #thirdworldproblem or just #girlproblem. Hahah goodness! Don't answer that!

 Stay great guys.
 PS: Do not mind how these pics came out, wasn't planning to shoot them; blogger off duty day remember! they came out pretty decent though. thank you shemmy for this unplanned pics. However you need more coaching. Haha! Although I had fun.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspiration lately

Hello unique.

Up on till yesterday, I was super busy preparing for and writing school exams, you all know the motif; ‘no study no gain’, main reason I have been MIA.
I so miss blogging, nowhere to rant my thoughts and feelings, but if you have been following me on my other social media; facebook and instagram, you will see that I have been  faithfully updating it with my daily looks, inspiration and finds, this was possible because it takes just a few minutes to update there.

By now you know I get a lot of inspiration from movies, books and music, though lately I have not been getting  any from music, because songs on circulation these days don’t make any sense; it’s all about hype beat and trash talking. Anyway in the mist of all these trash I found a treasure, yep who says you can find treasure in the mist of trash.
The name of this treasure (Song) is called ‘am I wrong’ by Nico & Vinz. Powerful lyrics that I can totally relate with, (you know when I like a song I always google the lyrics) don’t want to be singing rubbish. Words are powerful; you know the saying; what you say is what you get. I will leave an excerpt from the lyrics below for you guys. 
This song is what inspired me to think outside the box while styling today's outfit,I have had this skirt for a while now, I loved the fact that it’s midi length and pleated, but these same reason made it challenging for me to style, I didn’t want a conservative look; the skirt already had that covered, so I decided to style it with this risqué detailed top to portray a retro classic sultry look. I so much love this look; it’s all about being sexy while not going overboard.
So ladies if you have a skirt like this, I hope this gives you an inspiration on how to make it look less conservative and predictable.
                                                       excerpt from the song lyrics
                                                Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?
                                        Am I wrong for saying that I choose another way?
                                          Am I tripping for having a vision?
                                 My prediction: I'mma be on the top of the world

                              Walk your walk and don't look back, always do what you decide
                                           Don't let them control your life, that's just how I feel
                                  Fight for yours and don't let go, don't let them compare you, no
                                    Don't worry, you're not alone, that's just how we feel
Stay Great Guys.