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Theme player or Nay?

Hello unique.

I’m here trying to decipher how I manage not to post this look from last year. It’s puzzling because I have always seen this look on my system, but subconsciously thought I had already posted it, not until I recently all of a sudden I realized I have not upload this look. Woot! This is actually my thanksgiving outfits; it was a theme outfit for my church choir. We were given materials to make this exact style. I have a love and hate relationship with theme outfits, I love it because it is beautiful when in synchronous, don’t care much for it because everybody’s will be wearing same outfit; you can only stand out without breaking the theme style by making sure yours  fit you perfectly. Though I love Ankara print, I only make them occasionally for celebration, mostly weddings, I hardly wear them casually and when I do I wear it like This I love to carry big bags whenever I’m wearing a straight fit outfits, black bag this time because of the black top, I wanted to coordina…

Lazy Dresser

Hello unique's.

Like most women I have my off days when it comes to styling; instances where I don’t feel like wasting a perfectly hardworking outfit on a regular occasion. Of course, it’s not to say I’ll go out looking sloppy on my suppose blogger off duty day. I try to stick to piece that are eye catching (mostly printed top) and has good silhouette, I make little effort like these because I’m a lazy dresser and first impression no matter where you are going matters a lot, you never can tell who’s watching you.
I’m one of those people that worry about wasting a perfectly good outfit on a evening stroll or on an ordinary day. If you’re wondering if you are a lazy dresser, check if your wardrobe consists of jeans and varieties of tees trust me this is one of the symptoms of a lazy dresser. Haha. But do not lose sleep over it, like I said above just get vibrant tops and cleave to well tailored pant or skinny jeans(I’m obsessed with the high waist one’s) you can also add a vibrant …

Inspiration lately

Hello unique.
Up on till yesterday, I was super busy preparing for and writing school exams, you all know the motif; ‘no study no gain’, main reason I have been MIA. I so miss blogging, nowhere to rant my thoughts and feelings, but if you have been following me on my other social media; facebook and instagram, you will see that I have been  faithfully updating it with my daily looks, inspiration and finds, this was possible because it takes just a few minutes to update there.
By now you know I get a lot of inspiration from movies, books and music, though lately I have not been getting  any from music, because songs on circulation these days don’t make any sense; it’s all about hype beat and trash talking. Anyway in the mist of all these trash I found a treasure, yep who says you can find treasure in the mist of trash.
The name of this treasure (Song) is called ‘am I wrong’ by Nico & Vinz. Powerful lyrics that I can totally relate with, (you know when I like a song I always google …