Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
It a wonderful time of the year because it’s the day Christ was born, the day mankind was given a reason for hope. And in the spirit of CHRISTMAS I decide to wear the first shirt dress collection from  UTDesign 2016;This collection of shirt dress and shift dress will be available.
             I just love this shirt dress because it’s breezy, fun, and red. This design caters for my every fashion desire; my love for the colour red and you know me and my love for oversized outfits. So you can call this my Christmas dress, so ladies and gent share with me your Christmas outfit and I will feature you here on my blog, simply send 5 clear and sharp pictures of yourself, your name, your hobbies and a little thing about yourself to my email address > and you stand a chance to get feature on a post here on my blog. So hurry up and send those pictures.

I'm sooooo Happy with this dress. and guys remember to join my Christmas giveaway if you haven't,it just remaining 4 days to closing. Make sure you enjoy your day.

Shirt Dress >>>  UTDesign 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Giveaway!

Hello Unique.

I have finally decided to host my first blog giveaway, though I have wanted to host a blog giveaway for a long time now but I decided to put a hold on it till I’m able to host a nationwide event instead of it been restricted to my city, so if you reside in the north, west, east and south you can participate in this and get your friends to participate too, and I hope to have some lucky winners at the end of this campaign; this giveaway.
I’m collaborating with  UTDesign  to give out some of their colourful tops to celebrate the coming holiday(Christmas), this giveaway will last for just a week, from on the 22th to 29th of december. So get that skinny jean out to rock all these chic chiffon blouses.

                                             Add some colour to your wardrobe this coming year.

                                        be whimsical with this butterfly print top.
                                 Go wild with this one

                                                          some preppy chic

                                                        Go bold or Go home

                                                                 Be artistic

Every one of these is up for grasps for 6 lucky winners. ( i pick out 6 because the number is my lucky number)

CONDITIONS for qualification
* You must be following my blog on these social Medias below

Then write a shout out to my blog on any social media (Twitter or Instagram) using the hashtag   #esosandrautdgiveaway and add @esosandrautd . NOTE AN EXAMPLE BELOW
(Hello @esosandrautd I’m inspired by your blog and I will very much love to win the wild look outfit. #esosandrautdgiveaway)

I will pick the best shout out and announce the winners on all my social media so stay tuned.