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5 Tips For Lazy Girl Chic

Hello unique today I’m sharing my tips for lazy girl chic for those days when you wake up feeling lazy for dress up, but you had to because its Sunday and Sundays mean looking your best to church.

Look for loose top with boxy structure and refine texture.

2.Wear A loose printed bottom; either skirt or pant to style.
3. A simple pump goes a long way to pull the look together.
4. Add a statement necklace or ear ring for more elegance.

5. Never forget to smile and walk with confident, but if you want to stay frowning please wear a dark shade. Haha!

And viola! You are ready to go out without feeling overdressed or under-dressed at the same time feeling free and breezy because of the loose ensembles. sticking to comfortable piece inspires you to want to dress more, and wearing loose on loose is always my number choice whenever i'm feeling too lazy to dress-up; I just stick to the tips above so 1 don't end up looking drab while wearing loose on loose. So go try out your own lazy girl …

Default Style.

Hello unique, today I’m sharing my default style; that is, the style I always fall back on no matter the mood I’m in on a particular day.  My default style happens to be white and black, to be specific white tee on black jean with any accessories to match, it almost like a uniform for me because I believe you can never go wrong with this basic monochrome look, the key to this look is simplicity.  I mostly wear this look whenever I’m going out to uncharted territory or event, because everyone can actually relate with it.

 By the way this look came out to play because I got an email invitation to a smoothie drink launch, which took place where I’ve never been before so I decided to style my white and black ensemble with my fav black lace flats,(which is very comfy by the way ), and my to go huge bag which add colour to this look and even better can accommodate my camera comfortably, because I hardly attend events without my camera.  There’s always a possibility of good location like t…

DIY Shirt Transformation.

Happy New Month great minds, today I’m sharing with you one of my recent DIY (Do It Yourself) shirt transformation project, it’s all about turning an old button down shirt into a trending blouse. I've always  wanted to do a DIY post like this for a while now,  but I couldn't because I had other commitments and its takes a lot of time and effort to put all this pics together, due to the fact that I had  to take snap of each process so you all can find it easy to reproduce.  I hope you guys have a good imagination because I’m teaching this DIY Project with pictures only; still don’t know how to operate the vid in my camera just yet, I’m not even sure I want to, too much stress. Haha!.
 First of all for this project you will need a preloved shirt you own,  because this project is all about upcycling your already owned ensemble, its saves you the cost of buying a new outfits( that’s the Economist in me talking) haha. A scissors for cutting, a tape for measuring, an elastic band f…