Default Style.

Hello unique, today I’m sharing my default style; that is, the style I always fall back on no matter the mood I’m in on a particular day.  My default style happens to be white and black, to be specific white tee on black jean with any accessories to match, it almost like a uniform for me because I believe you can never go wrong with this basic monochrome look, the key to this look is simplicity.  I mostly wear this look whenever I’m going out to uncharted territory or event, because everyone can actually relate with it.

 By the way this look came out to play because I got an email invitation to a smoothie drink launch, which took place where I’ve never been before so I decided to style my white and black ensemble with my fav black lace flats,(which is very comfy by the way ), and my to go huge bag which add colour to this look and even better can accommodate my camera comfortably, because I hardly attend events without my camera.  There’s always a possibility of good location like this place for photo shoot.

Thank you Dleona/smoothieheaven for inviting me, I had a great time and you made a darn good smoothie, I’m still craving more by the way.

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