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Quality Over Quantity

Hello Unique (covers face).  OK guys I won’t be posting here every other Friday like I promised in my Previous Post,

      I realized putting pressure on myself like that, will only lead to posting contents that are less satisfying for me. I truly don’t want to lose the reason I started all this in the first place; which is to post my inspirations, aspirations, motivations, personal style and thoughts along with pictures to keep things lighter for everyone’s reading. I definitely don’t want to just post pictures and talk about what I’m wearing (that’s what myIG  account is for), my earlier readers already know blogging for me is just a big online diary for me to air out whatever comes to my mind, mostly because I got tired of talking to myself (I need more friends in my life).

       I really do not just do this for the click, that’s why a lot of people that knows me don’t know I run a personal blog, so I might decide to post every day of the week or once every month or two depending…

Blank Canvas

Hello unique. Up until last week, I've not been inspired enough to blog, blogging became a chore for me and it didn't give  me those tinkling sensation I use to experience whenever I think of blogging, so I decided to step back till I miss doing it. And menn! I miss it so badly that I had to post something ASAP.( I know most of you didn't miss me much because I’m still active on my  IG and FB account).

On another news (update on my life) Apart from saying good riddance to the bad rubbish in my life, I just discovered the self-timer on my digital camera,  I didn't even know I had one(yea! I’m allowed to be slow on some things).  I’m so happy because I can now take my daily ootd by myself and still be creative in the process, no more begging friends  relative and strangers to take my pics all the time, trust me it annoying sometimes when you’re always begging for your picture to be taken .  I quickly turned a part of my room into a mini studio,(still working on it) so …