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5 Ways loneliness can help you.

Hello Unique.
I realized recently that an idea you have for a long time without been shared can become wasted, but when it keeps coming to your mind, then it means it got to be shared so others can learn from it. I know most of you will say, can any good thing comes from loneliness? And I will say yes because I have been in that state but temporarily, so this apply to temporary loneliness and not to the one’s that leads to depression.  Not all loneliness is bad if you learn to really sit with loneliness and embrace it for the gift it can be.

Loneliness can: 11.Help you become independent;  a temporary loneliness can help you depend on you and no one else for anything, and you will be amazed how much you can do for yourself by not having anyone else but yourself to depend on. You will be able to think for yourself.
22.Help to find yourself; if you want to find your trail, or blaze any trail, you must explore your dreams alone, if you expect to find people who will understand your dreams,…

See Beyond The Cloud

Hello Unique!
When life cut too deep and left you hurting, when you lose love ones to death and when the friend you've got, left you hanging when you need them the most, when what you've built for years is left to rust,  when the future you had hoped for is now burning and the dreams you held so tight lost their meaning, and you don’t know if you will ever find the healing, just hold on cause you are gonna make it and the night can only last for so long, joy always comes in the morning, whatever you are facing, if your heart is breaking, there’s a promise for those who just hold on.

Every high and low you’re gonna go through, you don’t have to be afraid God is with you in the moments you’re so weak and you feel like stopping, even when you can’t imagine how you’re going to make it or find your way out. let the hope you have light the road you’re walking, because you’re going to make it. #brittnicole
And this bible verse says it all   When you go through deep waters,
I will be…