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Practically Trendy

Hello unique.

Whats up with you all?(Trust me I’m interested). I made a part with myself recently to go out more,socialize and experience new things every week, stay off the internet on regular bases and meet physical friends cause most of my friends are on the internet, which means I haven’t seen most of them In person. I also promised to attend every party I’m invited to, no more lame excuses. Can't allow life to pass me by.  My last week experience was me visiting game-city to watch a 5D movie in the cinema, its was so real that I thought I was part of the movie. Speaking of movies this is what I wore to watch Thor 2, this movie keeps getting better, I love it,and I think I’m beginning to like Loki, he’s so funny lol. I’m not the type that follows trend, except  its practical and serve my purposes.
 This vibrant plaid shirt is serving two purpose for me, one to cinch my waist line and give the illusion of curves, because of the oversize sheer top I’m wearing. (I had to wear the…

Hang in there

Hello unique.

we all sometimes need a few pointers on inner strength,this in turn makes us realize that we aren't the only ones who have gone through hard times,that we can get through anything with a little bit of positive hope. The true test of a person character is always how they stand and respond during test of adversity. So no matter what you are facing right now just hang in there cause joy comes in the morning.
On a more lighter note, I have never believed its possible to hang jacket on shoulder, though I have seen pictures of people doing it, but I just assume its all picture trick haha.

 And the reason for this skepticism is because I have tried all my jackets,blazers and what not, but none stayed on my shoulder, but when I got this vintage cut jacket its stayed on my shoulder, this made me realized its all in the cut, the shoulder of this jacket is deeper than the jackets I'm use to.
This experience tells me to never say never , all things can be made possible even …

Birthday Dress

Hello unique.
Wow! were do I start? I celebrated my birthday a few days back and I had the best time with friends and family. (The gifts I received was awesome, can't wait to start posting them.) my birthday was an opportunity for me to take stock of all the great things God has done for me from the beginning of the year. I'm honored and grateful  and also looking forward with excitement on things to come.
I hope my birthday experience pics will make up for my little hiatus, I have been having problem with my system but I promise to resolve it asap. warning! too many pictures  Lol
 I mention a few post back that i was making my birthday dress,this is it.

 I wanted something unique and chic.

 I also made sure the material I use is eye catching and has all my fav colour, I didn't even need to use any accessories apart from my bag and glass heel.

Now for the celebration, I went out with my family and friends to a cool and serene place to celebrate.
  I am always amazed at ho…

Be confident

Hello unique.

Its a new month and i have found out that sometimes too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren't. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and its only when you accept everything you are_and aren't _that you will truly succeed. So be confident on who you are. Today's look is all about being confident,fun and playful.  When it comes to my personal style, it’s safe to say I love print, all kind, animal, floral, and 3Ds
I love this skirt so much because; many ideas on how to style it came to me while I was making it. I always make sure I buy or make versatile piece that brings out creativity in me. I decided to style the skirt with a floral print to be more daring and adventurous, like I mention in my previous post, I also add this red crop top inside to add some seriousness to the fun look. On another note its countdown to my birthday which is in November 6th. I'm so excited and grateful. Happy new month.