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Hello unique.

Whats up with you all?(Trust me I’m interested). I made a part with myself recently to go out more,socialize and experience new things every week, stay off the internet on regular bases and meet physical friends cause most of my friends are on the internet, which means I haven’t seen most of them In person. I also promised to attend every party I’m invited to, no more lame excuses. Can't allow life to pass me by.
 My last week experience was me visiting game-city to watch a 5D movie in the cinema, its was so real that I thought I was part of the movie. Speaking of movies this is what I wore to watch Thor 2, this movie keeps getting better, I love it,and I think I’m beginning to like Loki, he’s so funny lol.
I’m not the type that follows trend, except  its practical and serve my purposes.

 This vibrant plaid shirt is serving two purpose for me, one to cinch my waist line and give the illusion of curves, because of the oversize sheer top I’m wearing. (I had to wear the oversize sheer top because I’m wearing a legging and its also hot outside).
 The shirt also serve as a cover up later when I enter the cold atmosphere of the malls, cause I live in a tropical country were the weather is very hot and the malls are AC tight.
 So cheers! to being practical and trendy at the same time.

                                                                         I'm wearing:
                                                          UTD - Sheer blouse.
                                                           UTD - lace detail backpack.

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  1. Love that sheer blouse, and how you wore it with that shirt! XO

  2. Your outfit looks great! I like the blue sneakers :)

  3. very cute outfit.
    love your sheer top.

  4. Your sheer blouse is perfection! and kudos to you for socializing more xx

  5. Great shirt. I like how you've used it as a cover up.

  6. Hahaha, love how you started your post. Living life is a must and i agree with you totally. I haven't been to the movies lately but you sure picked a lovely outfit. I always hold an extra shirt or jacket because sometimes it gets way too cold in there. You look really nice.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment.

  7. I love to see you in this more casual look :)

  8. look wonderful xx
    thanks for your sweet comment <33

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    Little Miss Olen.

  9. Your tartan look is super chic and cute! I am grateful for the last comment you left me...hope your week's going great!

  10. Cute outfit!
    Love your sheer top.

  11. love the sheer top <3


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