Casual mood

Hello unique.

Hope you all had a great week, welcome to the weekend, today’s look is all about being casually glam.

And cotton (tee) and denim is the universal language of casual style, and the skinny denim are my best choice.
I have always been a mood dresser, that's why i can't plan my outfits a day before, cause I might wake up feeling some type of way, and that can determine the outfits i wear that day. You can determine what mood I  in  according to the way i dress daily.
There’s nothing about ones appearance that can’t be improve, it’s all in the accessories, so I decided to glam-up this casual look with my very own hand made lace back-pack, the colour is so vibrant. (Red happens to be my fav colour too). I also plan to make it in other lovely colours.

The only cons I can say about jeans is that you can’t wear it into an expensive restaurant and fit in. hahaha.
I’m all for comfort when it comes to dressing up, that’s why you will see me dress like this on most days. This is a challenge for me as a style blogger, but I promise to push myself to be more adventurous in the future.
However there’s not a whole lot of room for irony of imitation in style, the best dress people always dress like themselves.    
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Really like this casual look :)
    So cool!

  2. Red's also my fav color.
    I loove that bag! I can't believe you made it yourself.
    That's grt!

  3. You look very cool! Gorgeous top!

  4. super look !
    new post on my blog !

  5. Your so cute girl

  6. nice bag :)

  7. I love being in tshirt and jeans too. So comfy and easy.

  8. Nice hair and outfit. Red is my favourite colour too!

  9. That pop of colour adds a great touch to your casual look. I love this.


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