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Hello unique.
 Hope you all had a lovely celebration, now for some of us its time to start thinking of a new year resolution, I use to do that too, but I realized early enough that I wouldn't stick to it pass January, so I have decided not to, but just try to be the best of me this coming year.
And a few days back I went out with a friend to a restaurant for lunch, only for them to serve me dried up sausage, the food was horrible. I normally would have just eaten the food as it is or just leave it not to cause trouble. But I didn't do the usual; I went straight to the staffs, gave them a piece of my mind and dump the sorry excuse of food with them. Trust me I felt great afterwards. I refuse to be a victim; I won’t accept anything but the best.  I think people end up taking you for granted when you accept the cloth of victims. 
I’m beginning to love the woman I’m maturing into; she’s strong, with a healthy dose of self esteem and she goes after her dreams without recognizing t…

The Reason For Christmas

Merry Christmas, unique
Wow! Its four days to Christmas and I wanted to blog about this post a day before Christmas but I think this day suit the purpose for this post best. (The earlier the better)
It’s that time of the year again, there’s excitement in the air and a lot of people travel to spend time with love one’s, exchange gifts, buy new things and do a whole lot of fun stuff. However, for some people Christmas is a time of worry; they don’t have the extra money to buy presents for their children, family and friends.  Many are saddened at this season; when they think of their love one’s who will not be able to come home for various reasons. And in all this we sometimes forget the real reason for Christmas. But I’m here to remind us all that Christmas is a time to come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus, remembering that God sent Him to this world to save us from sins. It’s a time remind people of how God love us so much. It can be a season of great joy. It can also be a t…

Timeless Piece

Hello Unique.
I recently just found out that anger can cause heart burn,cause I have been suffering from it lately, But don’t worry I have it under control. Prevention being better than cure, I decided to start by getting rid of a certain individual an things that are responsible for this anger.  I wish I can tell you guys I have succeeded in it perfectly,but somethings are harder to get rid of. ‘sign’ but I hope I will in time. OR maybe I’m the one that needs to work on being slow to anger. I’m still working it all in my mind till I see and get the bigger picture.

Now let me talk about today’s look.
For a fast and classic look, I always wear a button-down shirt with a pair of denim(skinny) and converse all-stars or heels for a formal outing. I like Investing in timeless piece like this mark & spencer shirt , because the tailoring is superb and with my designer eyes I realize the border around the arm and bottom is nothing short of genius. I love this look because its unaffected b…

Sexy in the cut

Hello unique

I wore this outfit a few weeks back to a wedding ceremony of a lovely family friend, the invitation came at the right time, because like I had said in my previous post that I’m now ready to honour every party invitation I receive.  I hardly honour wedding invitation, not because I don’t like the ideal of two people deciding to love each other till death do them part, but because I will rather stay  home and read my romantic novels, yes! Mills and boon, Avon, zebra silhouette, Harlequin, name it. That's why I'm still standing by my window waiting for my knight in shinning amour. LOL. And my favorite author is Julie Garwood.
When I got this material (ashoebi) I wanted something sexy, anytime I go partying  I either blend-in or stand-out.  I choose to stand-out by making sure I add some unique detail to the dress,  The cut out at the shoulder  and the red ruffle at the bottom. I also made sure I sew the dress an inch less than my actual size: to get a body-con like dr…