Saturday, December 14, 2013

Timeless Piece

Hello Unique.

I recently just found out that anger can cause heart burn,cause I have been suffering from it lately, But don’t worry I have it under control. Prevention being better than cure, I decided to start by getting rid of a certain individual an things that are responsible for this anger.  I wish I can tell you guys I have succeeded in it perfectly,but somethings are harder to get rid of. ‘sign’ but I hope I will in time. OR maybe I’m the one that needs to work on being slow to anger. I’m still working it all in my mind till I see and get the bigger picture.

Now let me talk about today’s look.

For a fast and classic look, I always wear a button-down shirt with a pair of denim(skinny) and converse all-stars or heels for a formal outing.
I like Investing in timeless piece like this mark & spencer shirt , because the tailoring is superb and with my designer eyes I realize the border around the arm and bottom is nothing short of genius.
I love this look because its unaffected by time,shirt like this are in fashion no matter what time we are in.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Love this outfit.
    Very chic and simple. A white shirt is a timeless staple.
    Love your bag.

  2. I love your simple and fresh outfit!

  3. yep, def a classic look x

  4. Good for you for getting the negativities out of your life. It can be hard, but it's worth it in the end, I promise. Hope things go well for you, dear!

    Very cute outfit--I really adore how you matched that red purse to your earrings.

  5. Nice outfit...Love your bag :)

  6. Marks & Spencer has really good workmanship for most of their items! It's good to control anger by eliminating the anger-contributing factors and also to be at peace with oneself.

    Thanx for dropping by my blog. =)

  7. A lovely classic look! I like how your shoes add a fun pop of color :)

  8. You look so sophisticated sweety, hope you feel better too, its better to let those that cause you anger go.

  9. Love your bag, such a gorgeous colour!
    This is a really great post :)


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  10. I'm glad you're getting better at handling it :) On the bright side, you look so cute! I love your hair

    Mili from Call me, Maeby

  11. Pretty look...don't let no one control your emotion, throw the anger away :)


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