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I wore this outfit a few weeks back to a wedding ceremony of a lovely family friend, the invitation came at the right time, because like I had said in my previous post that I’m now ready to honour every party invitation I receive.  I hardly honour wedding invitation, not because I don’t like the ideal of two people deciding to love each other till death do them part, but because I will rather stay  home and read my romantic novels, yes! Mills and boon, Avon, zebra silhouette, Harlequin, name it. That's why I'm still standing by my window waiting for my knight in shinning amour. LOL. And my favorite author is Julie Garwood.

When I got this material (ashoebi) I wanted something sexy, anytime I go partying  I either blend-in or stand-out. 
I choose to stand-out by making sure I add some unique detail to the dress,
 The cut out at the shoulder  and the red ruffle at the bottom.
I also made sure I sew the dress an inch less than my actual size: to get a body-con like dress.
Oh! And I recently receive my first paying gig to design and sew a dress for a client, its was scaring at first cause until recently I make clothes for just myself. But  its all turned out great and I’m so ready and excited to accept more jobs in the future.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

                                                                 UTD- Dress

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  1. you look lovely dear and congratulations on your first paying job and more to come.

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress!
    Would you like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? Let me know! (:

  3. I adore the cut in the front of that dress!

  4. It's gorgeous and you look fabulous! It fits you so well. The shoes look really great with the dress too :)

  5. Pretty dress, luv the style around the slit area :)

  6. Your dress is fabulous :)

  7. This is such a stunning dress, you look amazing!

  8. Gorgeous dress!
    You av an amazing talent. Maybe u would make something this awesome for me someday. :D

  9. congrats on your first paying gig! u look lovely in this unique dress!



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