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The Perfect Pant

Hello unique.

The perfect pant for me is the one I can walk freely with without any kind of constraint, the one that doesn't case my thighs like sausage, the one that gives curves without been tight but tight around the waist to emphasize the curves. All these were what I had in mind when creating this pant.

I wanted something different from regular pants, something unique and comfortable for everyday wear but chic enough for emergency events; those times you receive last minutes invitation but want to look like you made an effort in choosing your outfits even with less time to plan, this pants has served me on those occasions, I just look for blouse that goes well at that moment, mostly something simple and feminine.
I also wanted a pant that everyone will first assumed it’s a skirt, but at a second glance realized that “wow! It’s a pant” and I'm happy I got that kind of reaction. Haha

I had so much fun with this pant the day I wore it, it billowy, sensuous and pretty comfo…

Heavens Gain

Hello unique.
These is not going to be a photodiary post, but let us first bow our heads and have a moment of silent for my dad whom I lost recently. I know he is lost to the earth but gain in Heaven.
It’s not easy for me to talk about this, but I know I will never be ready to move past this burning sensation in my heart if I do not make effort to write about it; writing down my thought has always been therapeutic for me, veritably it is one of the reason I started this blog, the pictures and styling is just an addition.
At first I thought it was all a nightmare that I would soon wake up from only for me to be faced with the unyielding truth that ‘this is reality’ and it’s high time I realized that the world has not come to an end. Now I’m faced with so many questions because it seem unreal that something like this will happen to the most selfless person I know in this world, it just seem so unfair the valuable people in this world has to go earlier than the wicked.
 I received so ma…