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Happy In Yellow

Hello Unique.
Say hi to my first yellow dress, I have always wanted a yellow dress but I’ve never seen the design that I want in this colour so I decided to just design one for myself (advantages of being a designer) I wanted something simple but with details because yellow itself is already vibrant and don’t need much to make it glam.

 It's always one more shot, then it becomes 30 pics. Haha! (My photo-shoot routine)

PS: For those inquiring about how they can order the Grape bag from my previous post, just email me using the address down below on my profile.
Thanks for dropping by guys.
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Hello Unique. Arts and design is one thing that can make me loose myself and find myself at the same time; when I get an idea on what to design I just can’t do anything else but be restless until I had fulfill the burning desire of producing it or recreating it. This was how I felt when I saw a similar bag like this online, I had to recreate it by all means, I didn't have all the right material for this project but I had to improvise with some other kind of material, (‘creativity takes courage’ you know) and viola I just love how it turned out. 

 I can take my eyes of you, now this is true love. haha!

The sling bag is so vibrant that it still stood out even when I styled it with so many ensembles with details. Thanks for dropping by guys and remember to share this post using the share button below. Cioa.
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Grey Power

Hello unique. Happy New Month!! hope the New Year is going as planned for you guys, but if it isn't then there’s still enough time to reorganize and plan, I've had a rough start in the New Year that at one point I felt hopeless and loss track of what I wanted for the year, due to some unforeseen and unexpected event known to just me and my fossil. I had to take some time out to reorganize and plan, I was quick to realized that there’s no coincidence in life, things always happen for a reason and it either you let it break you or let it make you. And even though they cause you harm it’s still for a purpose you just need not have a victim mindset. Just turn it over to God for directions.

 Anyway on a lighter note, its back to school for me again and these outfits here represent my regular school wear. It’s all about looking comfy and casual and I’m wearing my new comfy sneaks too, I styled this look around it, I had to get this pair in grey because grey happens to be one of my f…