Happy In Yellow

Hello Unique.
Say hi to my first yellow dress, I have always wanted a yellow dress but I’ve never seen the design that I want in this colour so I decided to just design one for myself (advantages of being a designer) I wanted something simple but with details because yellow itself is already vibrant and don’t need much to make it glam.

 It's always one more shot, then it becomes 30 pics. Haha! (My photo-shoot routine)

PS: For those inquiring about how they can order the Grape bag from my previous post, just email me using the address down below on my profile.

Thanks for dropping by guys.

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  1. what a lovely dress, you look amazing! x

  2. Love the color and neckline on this dress!

    District of Chic

  3. Love that yellow dress. It looks very pretty on you!


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