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Preppy Look.

Hello everyone! Today’s look is all about looking preppy,and preppy for me is clean cut, comfortable silhouette, freshness  and cool tones, it's doing away with the flashy and tight piece. If you are going for a preppy look It best to keep things simple , it not about how expensive the outfit is, it about looking expensive by  being fresh and comfortable.
This look is the entirety of my style, I love to be comfortable in any outfits I choose to wear either long  or short, loose or fit, it all depends on the texture of the material, and me being a fashion designer is probably the reason I pay much attention to textures. I also love flats, mostly sneakers and slip-on, this is probably because I’m  still a student that attend classes from morning till dusk and heels is a bad choice when you are on the move on foot, not that I don’t love heels, as a matter of fact I have more heels than  flats, but I only wear them occasionally mostly on Sundays, but I plan to stock on flats more in …

Endings to Focus

Hello Unique
Ending’s are not necessarily a bad thing, it just means something else is about to begin. And the truth is there are many things that need to end so as to create room for new things. It always important to know when somethings has reached its end; finishing a book, quitting a relationship, shutting doors, stopping a dispute, it doesn't matter what we call it, what matter is to leave when you are done, when it not getting you anywhere, when it  not making you happy and just focus on things that will bring you closer to your dream. I’m bent on focusing my time, energy and attention not just on what I love but also on what will bring me good success and notable achievements. The moment you realized that book is corrupting you, leave it. The moment you realize that person you cared for has nothing intellectual or spiritual  to offer you, but headache. End it and refocus on what matters.
Anyway guys though the harmattan period has ended to bring this unbearable heat perio…