Hello unique.
I decided to wear this lovely varsity jacket I made myself, on a day that I have many errant to run, because I wanted to show it off, who wouldn't?  And what better way to show off this unique piece other than wearing an all white piece ( just like an artist needs canvas to showcase art). And the spotlight was on the jacket because of my all white ensemble.

It was very sunny that day, but it didn’t matter because I made the jacket from a light material, and the print is so eye catching, if you look closely you will see that I combined two different print together, the print on the sleeve is quite different from the one on the body, but I made sure the two print share a common colour (yellow).
With the running around comes hunger,so i stopped for lunch.

Trust me this print can even make a gloomy day turn bright and sunny, lol .

Thanks for dropping by,till my next post.


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