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Hello unique.

Hope you all had a great and fulfilled weekend, I wore this outfit on a Sunday morning to church, my Sunday mornings style always consist on pants ,skirt, shirt and blazers because I happen to be in a choir that has strict rules on dressing,(corporate dressing).

The colour scheme this Sunday was my three fav colour white, black and red; I decided to make this my slim fit jackets the center of attraction.
A few days back a friend of mine sent me an online store websites that carries everything from clothes, shoes, bags to gadgets and holiday get-away.
I was reluctant to check it out because I am one of the few people that would rather go to stores to shop than shop online, but when I visited, I was amaze not only at the variety of products they carry, but also at the affordability of the products, and that's a mind changer for me because their items are way more affordable than the stores I shop. I got this neck chain there,very affordable.

 I am planning to do all my Christmas shopping there. Though they deliver only within Nigeria, so for my Nigeria readers I will leave the link below for you to check out and shop your heart desires.

Ps: you can also order all kinds of meal there.
                   Necklace- Dealdey 
Enjoy your week.


  1. great outfit. love the trousers. pls check my blog

  2. Nice jacket.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog! you are pretty!



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