Changes just in Time

Hello unique.

Finally a new post, I really miss this. The reason for my little hiatus is because I have been going through some expected and unexpected changes, its was a little bit hard to adjust, but I’m glad I’m one of those people that love changes, no matter how big or small it is, as far it will enable me to experience new things. I welcome any excuse to be more adventurous, I’m not a fan of routine (too boring for my liking).
I have also been learning how to manage my time (mostly between my schooling and blogging) and I realized that, there’s nothing like “not enough time” the time I have is the time I need. I know it’s going to be hectic, but there’s that strong sense of accomplishment that comes with using my time well, just by doing a lot of meaningful task in a day is fulfilling enough for me.
So I plan to do what’s important and not what’s urgent.
Now for my outfits, I wore this dress to a dinner party.
I always go for dress with great cut and details any time I need to go out and don’t want to put more thought into my appearance.
Styling can be effortless with the right piece.
The dress is a time saver, exactly what I need right now.
Every minute is precious to me these days.
I have always wanted a fun pic like this, and thanks to my ever patient photographer/brother that always put up with me no matter what. Haha! here it is.

Stay Great.

                                                             NEVER MISS A POST


  1. Amazing in this red dress. It really fits you so well. Kisses, Sandra:)

  2. you look very pretty.
    i love your dress.

  3. The colour looks great on you! Very vibrant. xxx

  4. Love your shoes! Great outfit

  5. This dress looks amazing on you :)

    Svetlana from Lavender Star

  6. gorgeous outfit!

  7. Your outfit is amazing, and I adore your shoes!! You look perfect! ;)

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  8. I love the color of your gown

  9. Beautiful outfit, love how it goes with your hair color :)

  10. Beautiful look. Gorgeous dress and shoes. So flattering and it is a fabulous colour.

  11. Wow, that dress is so nice. Perfect color.

  12. Ah, I'm so in love with that dress and it's color! So cool that you paired it with those blue heels!

  13. You are so pretty. Love the dress on you.

  14. You look so stunning in red hun!

  15. You look so beautiful and colorful! I love your outfit! :)

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  16. The dress is so pretty! And it's the perfect shade of red. You look beautiful!

  17. Love the hot orange dress! Amazing look!

    xx Cissy

  18. You are stunning. This dress looks amazing on you.

  19. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Your outfit is stunning, I like your bright dress!

    Have a great day,

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Thanks beautiful :) I wait on your new post :) kisses

  22. Beautiful ! This dress is perfect on you :)


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