5 Tips For Lazy Girl Chic

Hello unique today I’m sharing my tips for lazy girl chic for those days when you wake up feeling lazy for dress up, but you had to because its Sunday and Sundays mean looking your best to church.

  1.   Look for loose top with boxy structure and refine texture.

2. Wear A loose printed bottom; either skirt or pant to style.

3. A simple pump goes a long way to pull the look together.

4. Add a statement necklace or ear ring for more elegance.

  1. 5. Never forget to smile and walk with confident, but if you want to stay frowning please wear a dark shade. Haha!

And viola! You are ready to go out without feeling overdressed or under-dressed at the same time feeling free and breezy because of the loose ensembles. sticking to comfortable piece inspires you to want to dress more, and wearing loose on loose is always my number choice whenever i'm feeling too lazy to dress-up; I just stick to the tips above so 1 don't end up looking drab while wearing loose on loose.
So go try out your own lazy girl chic and remember to tag me on  Instagram
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