Lazy Dresser

Hello unique's.

Like most women I have my off days when it comes to styling; instances where I don’t feel like wasting a perfectly hardworking outfit on a regular occasion. Of course, it’s not to say I’ll go out looking sloppy on my suppose blogger off duty day.
I try to stick to piece that are eye catching (mostly printed top) and has good silhouette, I make little effort like these because I’m a lazy dresser and first impression no matter where you are going matters a lot, you never can tell who’s watching you.

I’m one of those people that worry about wasting a perfectly good outfit on a evening stroll or on an ordinary day.
If you’re wondering if you are a lazy dresser, check if your wardrobe consists of jeans and varieties of tees trust me this is one of the symptoms of a lazy dresser. Haha. But do not lose sleep over it, like I said above just get vibrant tops and cleave to well tailored pant or skinny jeans(I’m obsessed with the high waist one’s) you can also add a vibrant flats or pumps to bring your look together effortlessly. And shift dress with vibrant colours and print is a must for a lazy dresser. Who says you can’t be a lazy dresser and still be fashionably presentable? Sure you can.
 Today I’m wearing my all time favorite shirt, I love this shirt one, because it’s big and breezy (you know my quote about shirt like this ‘the bigger the better. haha) two, it leopard print and whenever I see leopard print I think of red, probably the reason for wearing this vibrant neon red flats, can’t go wrong with this babies. 

Have you guys notice my recent preoccupation with high waist jeans and crop tops; (you can tell by my Instagram pics) I don’t know which is prerequisite to the other, but I can bet my obsession for cropping nearly every shirt I own or collect from my brothers, brought  about my need for high waist jeans. Is this a  #thirdworldproblem or just #girlproblem. Hahah goodness! Don't answer that!

 Stay great guys.
 PS: Do not mind how these pics came out, wasn't planning to shoot them; blogger off duty day remember! they came out pretty decent though. thank you shemmy for this unplanned pics. However you need more coaching. Haha! Although I had fun.


  1. I am not definetely a lazy dresser, I haven´t many jeans or t-shirts. I think your look is lovely. Animal print and red go so well together. Kisses, Sandra:)

  2. You look great doll. I have only one pair of jeans. I love your top and earrings, those are gorgeous. I hope your day is going well xx

  3. You know what they say, you never get a chance to repeat the first impression...
    Love how you added a bit of color, very nice! :)

  4. Hi hun, hope you have been well. Its been so hectic with work and studies recently so I had to take a break from blogging. I will try to get back to it when I have some free time. Missed reading your posts…Have a great week. You can find me at

  5. Nice look, love your leopard top.

  6. I agree I hate wasting a nice outfit over a not so important day or without people to show my outfit off too. I mean it would as if I didn't wear the outfit at all if no one saw me in it. But I bought my first pair of high waisted jeans recently even though I was nervous about it, but I'm obsessed with it. Crop tops I have yet to try, but I will soon.

  7. great look, I really love your shirt, very pretty!

  8. Perfect leopard shirt and I love this flats. Very pretty :)


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