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The major thing that excites me the most about fashion is being able to style an outfit however I like without caring whether I’m breaking some invisible rule or not, styling for me is based on my mood, I have confirmed here on the blog before that I’m a mood dresser, that is; I only dress based on my current feeling, I tend to wear quirky outfit like this when I've made some major confident decision and feeling good about it. Mixing and matching outfits is something I do when I’m feeling very confident and comfortable in my own skin and the trick to mixing and matching printed items is finding the link between  the items you have decided on; the link can be in colour, for example I styled this two item together base on the common colour yellow that is in both outfits.

Another trick to mixing and matching outfits is being able to own up to your selection and walk in it with boldness, because believe me people will not buy into your outfits if do do not wear it with confident. The thing about trend setters and fashion killas is that they carry themselves with boldness and confident no matter what they are wearing. People like this can wear paper and still able to sell it. So be inspired to go out there to be a trend setter.

Complete outfits from   UTDesign 2015 collection, the top is still in stock.

Top and Skirt >  UTDesign 

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  1. This mix and match was...amazing!! I loved blue and yellow together and the print is so fun!! Kisses and I wish you a good week:)

  2. Lovely outfit. This top is very cute. Kisses beauty :)


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