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I have heard people call me snob on some occasion, and I was starting to believe it, not until I decided to check the actual meaning of snob which states that a snob is “someone who tends to criticize, reject, or ignore people who come from a lower class or have less education.
After seeing this meaning I felt so much better because I realize I have never been a snob, mainly because I’m too self absorb to ignore people or care about their social status. I can understand why some people will think I’m a snob, one because most times I don’t even remember the names of people I have met until at least thrice. ( thank God for my friend Ope that helps me keep record of people I talk to for the first time). Most times I’m in my dream world.
Two, because I’m more of a listener than a talker; this is  good because it helps me know how people around me think and bad because some people will think I don’t  say much when they are around because I’m  feeling too important. Wrong!
Lastly because I like to keep myself company, I hold my own counsel, I don’t tell people around me when I’m worried about something, I hardly seek for advice and these sometimes makes people think I reject or ignore them. Observing people provide me with all the advice I need. Yep!
oh! the reason I look mean sometimes is actually because my mind is cooking up something, this tends to put some people off from approaching or talking to me. Please if you see me looking like mean don’t be put off, I might look mean sometimes but I’m truly nice when you talk to me. Hahaha.
What I’m trying to say here is that, don’t be too quick to criticize people, try to understand people. The reason I don’t criticize people is because I try to see the reason behind their actions. I know that all the people in this world haven’t had the same advantages, which brings about different kind of reaction which in turn make us all unique in our own special way. Thank God I have passed that stage of trying to be like another person, I’m special in my own way and I don’t want to lose myself trying to please everyone.
If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard the person in error.
PS; I love all kinds of ankara skirt and I have making and getting quite a lot. Its an obsession.
Enjoy your weekend guys.

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  1. Hi, Sandra! your look is really lovely and your t-shirt is an amazing garment. As for the conception of being snob, I don't know you very much but I think that you are a kind and friendly person and snob people aren't like that. Kisses:)

  2. Stunning colour combo and skirt Miss! I love your look!

  3. Really nice :)
    The skirt is special and the shirt has a nice writing on it :)


  4. Lovely look, thanks for the visit.


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