Fringe Frills, My Style and Braids.

Hello unique.

When ask to describe my style, I tend to be indecisive because I can’t really say I don’t have a style and sound dumb. I wear clothes mostly for comfort; I choose comfort over anything when styling for any occasion, but if I must describe my style I will say my style is flexible; that is, I wear any things that makes me feel comfortable and chic.
If I’m to go further I will say I love cute colourful skirt, detailed blouse (mostly loose fit ones), skinny jeans(I’m loving the high waist ones), pencil high waist skirt, shift dresses, flats and heels,  I don’t care how uncomfortable the latter it makes me feel, I just love heels.

I only wear a bit of make-up that takes me a few minutes to achieve, but I go overboard with red lipstick and I think I’m the only girl that does her make-up without foundation, bronzer or concealer, I’m more the eye liner kindal girl. I don’t do much jewelry, just my simple gold necklace, watch and ear ring. I love all kind of bags.
This look does represent my style in some ways, mostly because it is comfortable, I sometimes just throw in comfortable piece together. Oh! And this fringe top is the  favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment, it’s so playful, comfortable and chic; Now that’s my STYLE. Tehe
 And yay! I love braids, but I don’t make it as I would have love to, because my front hair is so bad, so I just stick to style that protects my front hair, like for example this braid is made in a way that conceal my not so front hair. Wink! Hahaha.

So, what is your style like?

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  1. I must say that your words made me think about my style. I am quite flexible as you too. I like classic clothes but sometimes I break the rules and I like sport or rock clothes. I think your style is unique and lovely. Beautiful in this look. Kisses:)

  2. I love this look, what a great combination. I adore the print. My style is pretty much putting as many girly things into the one outfit.

  3. Such a fun outfit!
    I think I'm also quite flexible - sometimes I like it dramatic, sometimes girly, sometimes laid-back.


  4. You look great and have a lovely style:) Loving that top.


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