Snow flakes

Hello unique.

The thing I love about a loose fit dress is that it can make one feel sweet and sexy at the same time, it so unlike wearing a tight fit dress that can make you feel insecure about all the edges. Haha
At  first I wanted to use a belt on it, but decided against it when I felt how the dress cling to me when I walk, and that’s the main reason I prefer a dress made from cotton.
Keeping this look clean was very important to me, so I decided to style the dress with gold and cherry colour accessories with lipstick to match.
Can you believe I thought the print on this dress was ‘polka dot’ only to find out the second time I wore it that it’s ‘snow flakes’ print. It just made love this outfit the more.

Stay great.

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  1. Hello Sandra! I think both styles fit you very well ( loose fit or tight fit, I saw you in both styles and I loved them) As for your dress is lovely, dots is one of the prints of the season. Kisses:)

  2. The dress is really cute :)

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  3. Lovely dear good work

  4. This little polka dots dress is so cute!!

  5. Love the outfit especially the necklace :)


  6. You look beautiful hun, love your hairstyle. I appreciate that you always take the time to stop by :)

  7. I also thought these were polka dots but the fact that these are snowflakes is just adorable!


  8. Adorable dress :)!


  9. i like the accessories on this nice llok

  10. Really cute dress, but I could swear its print was polka dots :p

  11. Lovely dress sweetie, you are very chic :)

  12. the dress fits so cutely on you! I love these styles too and I know what you mean about tight ones! :)

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  13. This is a beautiful dress on you Sandra! Love the jewelry you styled it with too.


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