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 Today’s post is all about my recent obsession and what better way to show my obsession for something other than making a post about it and making it a post titled. I have watched the animated movie Tangled for at least without exaggerating twenty times. I love every minute of this movie, the  characters; Rampuzel,  Eugene and Max (Maximums happen to be my fav), the story line and most especially the songs (mandy moore never disappoint in this aspect).
Before I talk about my outfits I will leave you with the few lessons this movie thought me.
1. only the fear of failure makes dreams impossible.
 2. it’s ok to have a dream
3. make a move to fulfill your dreams.

4.  don’t let anyone tell you, your dreams are not good enough.
5. it’s never too late to turn a new leave, as in the case of Ryder/Eugene.

6. take a chance on others, they might be the best thing that happens to you, as in the case of Max and Ryder.

Now for my outfits, I’m as obsessed with wearing jeans as with watching Tangled, it’s so comfortable and easy to style. I wore these outfits to a casual dinner that consists of a lot of people and a lot of food, so I decided to style this skinny jean with something loose, fun and vibrant and this top just screamed pick me! Haha. This way I don’t have to worry about my stomach bulging out after so many food and drinks later.

So if you plan on going to a party with so many menus, my best advice is wear something loose and fun, that way you won’t be self conscious about a pot belly later. Wink.
Stay great

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  1. I really enjoyed Tangled too! I'm getting very into animated movies lately. xxx

  2. Your pretend top is so cute and trendy, perfect for summer! It was great reading your comment...wishing you a wonderful and warm weekend!

  3. I like your style dear ! kisses from Poland !

  4. Quite inspiring lessons you lean from Tangled. Back to your outfits, it’s very nice on you.

  5. very nice and perfect post. And I like that num 4. xa

  6. I loved Tangled too since the first time I watched on the cinema. I think you look great in this casual look with jeans. Your top is lovely. Kisses, Sandra:)

  7. i love those tips you gave. nice

  8. love ur bag :) never saw d movie.. but nice tips

    I nominated u for Liebster award :) on my blog ladywannabeblog.blogspot.com

  9. Such a pretty everyday outfit, love it!

    Have a great week,

  10. That's such an amazing top, looks wonderful.

  11. Stunning!! I love this look sweetie!

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  12. I love Tangled too! Frozen is a great film also =)

    Corinne x

  13. Beautiful top sweetie and I love your bag.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. You look so nice and I love your hair! :)

  15. haha I loved Tangled as well! cute bag and hair! :)

    Metallic Paws


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