Like a boy

Hello unique.

My take on blouse has always been the bigger the better, it’s safe to say that’s my style, because I never bought into the ideal that ‘fashion is pain’. I guess this is because fashion means different thing to different people and as much as I love trying out new things, I never allow myself to conform to someone else ideal of fashion that doesn't bring me fulfillment.

This means I can say fashion to me is fulfillment.
The day I wore this outfits I was feeling adventurous and hyped to go all out in the ‘Sporty-boy look’ style which I find interesting.
 On a normal day I would have ditched the cap and sneakers for just a pair of simple flats. To tell you the actual truth I missed my tomboy days, days when I don’t bother about what I wear; I just throw in a top on a pair of jeans and sneaker and I’m set.
The write up on the cap made me love it the more.
Stay great.

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  1. Fashion was pain before but fortunately nowadays we can be comfy and fashion at the same time. You are great with your tee and the cap. I loved it! Kisses:)

  2. Sweetie I love this look! So Inspirational!

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  3. Really cool shirt, I like a lot :)

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  4. Great style ! I love your jeans beauty :)

  5. Your sporty chic outfit looks fantastic. Hope your week is going well :)

  6. Such a cool and sporty look!! Nice pics :)

    Keep in touch

  7. I totally agree with you. Fashion is not a pain for me either. People always mistaken it in fashion but in reality it's not. Even though you bought clothes for a very cheap price what matters is that the confidence on how you carry the dress when you're wearing it already. :) Nice top! :)


  8. This is such a cute and sporty look! I like it a lot!!

  9. Very cool look

  10. Very nice and I like that Tshirt. Perfect colors.

  11. you look so lovely, I love this outfit, very cool!

  12. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    You look absolutely adorable today, I love your shirt!

    Have a fantastic day,

  13. Looking like a boy suits you funny enough

  14. Love this laid-back look. You look great.


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