Skull surprise

Hello unique's.

Welcome to the weekend and happy new month.
At the time I got this jacket I didn't know the design at the back has skull print, I thought it was flower. Don’t care for skull print, but the one on this jacket is so cute and not scary because of the flower added to it, so I’m not complaining.
Though I'm open minded when it's come to fashion, but the idea of wearing skull print was never one of my fashion to do list. which goes to say; Never say never.
This is my fav way of styling, when I’m going somewhere without trying to overdo it, skinny jean, tank top and jacket (sometimes oversize jacket) never disappoint. 

Stay great and thanks for dropping by.


  1. I have nothing with skulls in my clothes but I like it. Your combination is really chic. Kisses:)

  2. I don't mind skulls and this jacket brings a more elegant side to it. Loved reading your viewpoint on my last point... Have a Fabulous Weekend!

  3. Love the look! Thanks for the visit.

  4. Really nice look :)
    The white blazer looks so great on you!!!


  5. This your white jacket is beautiful am loving the skull design

  6. Haha, I think the jacket is cool on you, despite (or because?) of the skull!


  7. Your jacket is perfect !
    Lovely outfit :)

  8. Hello sweetie, how are you ? :)

  9. Great blazer dear!


  10. Hello dear, hope everything is all right for you ? See you soon for your next post :)


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