Armed For The Weather

Hello unique.

January happens to be one of the cruelest months I know as far as I’m concern, most especially for those living in the north like me. The harmattan just won’t quit; you not only have cold to contend with but dust and the meanest sun you can ever imagine.  I wish I can safely say that’s all but one also has to deal with constant  dry skin and electric current going through every metals and satin/wool materials in your house, believe me I get shock all the time for simply doing normal things at home, even my sleeping wears sparks. Haha!

Stepping out for me in this weather means I have to go all out armed for it, which means covering up against the dust, cold and sun. Trust me I won’t be smothered by the sun by covering my whole self with clothes because I tastefully and practically choose this oversized top that allows breeze in to my body,  and this foot legging is comfy, light and protect me from the dust and sun.

Now you can agree with me that I’m fully clothe armed against this weather, in fact this harmattan got nothing on me. I hope this post helped those living in the northern part of the country and  please share this post to your friends by using the share button below. Thanks for stopping by.

Shirt >>> From my Brother.

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  1. Great black and white look - I love the plaid.

    District of Chic

  2. Oh mehn. I am so with you, I can't wait for harmattan to pass mehn, dreading the hot weather but what is a lady to do? Anyways, I totally love your look, love that you paired it with white shoes, the contrast is very interesting.

  3. Happy New Year beauty !
    This outfit is very pretty, I love your shirt. Kisses :)


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