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All right guys, I know I promised to blog every other week, but believe me I have a legitimate reason why I haven’t been, and that reason is me writing exams. You know what some people always say, not me o,‘School sweet, but na exam spoil am’. Haha!. Anyway today I’m sharing with you guys my new hubby which I happened to be very passionate about. Drum-roll…….PHOTOGRAPHY! Yay! I've been snapping away at everything that interest me including the most random things you could ever think of. This new hubby of mine has given me a positive attitude towards everything around me; I’m now able to see the beauty around me through my camera lens, it’s so amazing.  So please go follow me on  Instagram to keep up with me on my new photography journey, it will mean the world to me; hopefully you get inspired as you do so.  Also I will be sharing some of the interesting pictures shot by me here on the blog, but only on a monthly basis. Let’s go there with this few shots I took recently.

                           I still wonder I manage to have not notice the beauty of this place until recently
 Saw this tree at my backyard , but I'm still trying to figure out what its produces. I've seen nothing like it before.
 My new neighbors, I had to capture this because I love the  colouring.

 I just can't pass a palm tree without capturing it, we have this sought of relationship that is in-explainable. I think maybe its because they have so much to offer mankind
 This is a work in progress; I decided to capture it anyway because I plan to capture the final result, also i would have this picture in my head while lunching or dinning here in the future. lol.
 Took this on my Road trip, I hate road trips, cause i get sick but somethings are just what it is. at least I was able to get beautiful shot while at it.

 The thing about curiosity is that this chain won't stop me.
 I ate here when i visited Asokoro Park and Zoo, love the old school feel, that's why i edit it with black and white.
 This is as far as I can get to this animal, they scare the brave out of me.
 I wished i could take this bird house home with me. *crying*

That's about it for now guys till my next post. I'm cooking something special for my next post so stay tuned in.

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  1. Smiles....I can forsee your ecstasy for nature and it's orbit... How great!!


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