The Rules Of Love.

Hello everyone , hope you all are doing great , today I’m writing a book review of my recent read, its titled the” Rules of love” by  Richard Templar. This book was lent to me by a friend of mine, and she hasn't even read it yet, but I’m sure she will enjoy getting an insight into the book before she reads it for herself. I will try to keep it as short as possible by stating the major points and tips.

First of all this book is all about how you should act when you’re looking for love and when you have found love. Love itself can be stressed, strained and tried; it’s how you react that defines true love.

I will leave you all with a few of my favorites points from the two section. The first section is about finding love.

Rules for finding love
= Be Yourself.
= You won’t be happy with a partner until you’re happy on your own.
= Relationship isn't about sex; don’t mistake lust for love.
= Get to know someone through all the season before making any major decisions.
= Don’t stay with someone who doesn't care.
= Don’t play games.

Relationship Rules (that is, if you have already found love). The second section.
= Allow your partner space to be themselves.
= Don’t parent your partner (they already have that).
= Our partners aren't perfect, nor are we, so a little more tolerance goes a long way.
= Put each other first; you can afford to ignore your needs, because your partner will be giving them priority.
= Don’t belittle your partner.
= Accept your differences and embrace what you have in common.
= Be generous to each other financially.
= Know when to listen and when to act.
= Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.

That’s it dearies ,hope you've learnt one or two things like me from this book, because I will have to stop here. I think everybody should have this book as a handbook for a happy relationship not just with your spouse, but also with people around you. Thanks for dropping by and have a fun time applying these rules.

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