Introducing Unique Trail Design

Hello Unique's

I am excited to introduce #UTD2015 collection that I have been working on for the past months. This project is so dear to my heart because I have taken up the courage to bring out all my ideas, imaginations, inspiration, and style I appreciate to life.

These collections consist of clothes and accessories (bags, head gear, earrings and necklace) design. The bag collections will have its own special line/label #UTDB2015, all hand made with love.
And for those who Hello unique don’t know! UTD is an acronym for ‘Unique Trail Design’. (UTD will be on the label and the story behind this name is because of my obsession for anything unique and I also make it a must to set the trail and open new grounds for others to follow).
I want it if it’s unique or I make it to be unique, Still working on a motto, tehe and any suggestion will be welcome, because we are in this together. Wink.

Anyways, though I still have a whole lot to do within this second half of the year before the official launch, I am super excited to design, because design is a way of life for me, my point of view; it involves the whole complex of visual communication, talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge, all these alone is my driving force and also because it fulfils me to bring out my visual imaginations.
It such a great feeling to be able to bring to life what you have already visualized.

I will be posting each collection that is ready for sale on my Facebook page, so stay tune and please email me at to place your order on any of my collection you want. And if you have not liked my Facebook page,yet, please like it HERE now, so you can receive and see all my future post/collections.

Pretty please guys show some love and support to me by simply sharing this post and any future post about my collections to your social media, there’s a share button below, I will appreciate you using it. Thank you for all your previous and future support, love you all. Stay great. Muah.


  1. fantastic idea!!!!good luck :)

  2. Congratulations, Sandra! Now I follow your Facebook page to be informed. Kisses:)

  3. Congrats sweety, this sounds excellent! Its always great hearing your opinion, have a creative week ahead.


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