Happy New Year in Colour

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Happy new year everyone, wow! The starting of another ride, 2014 has been a rollacoaster ride, so much joy, happiness, success ,so much heart ache, worries, pain, though it’s was very tough for me because I lost my dad in the latter part of the year, he was such an inspiration to me and the people around him, never expected to enter the new year without him , but  it seems the big guy up wants him back for a purpose greater than we could ever imagine, so I’m comforted because he’s born again.
  I’m still looking forward to 2015 with stars in my eyes and colours in my heart, because it a new book for me to write how I want my year to be like. The challenges in 2014 opened my eye to the fact that change happens in a day, so make everyday counts, love more, do more, reach out for a need and meets it. Also I won’t come here and talk about new year resolutions, I’m taking the year one day at a time, making each day counts. 

I guess the first day of the year is an opportunity for me to thank  everyone that has been with me from the start. I’m grateful to you all for being with me through all my moods, here when I rant, LOL of course I had to write things out to feel better, here when I just post looks, though I hardly do that. Shout out to Barbara marques and Pillar Dominquez you girls has been real and awesome to me, shout out also to  the few people I call friends, Shemmy and Chris we have a lot to do this new year together so please put up with me and just photograph away, love you guys plenty.And shout out to my family, you all are amazing, my life is rich with you all in my life, also my family knows how to give stylish gifts, mostly why I love birthdays and holidays. tehe! wink.

And finally here’s to notable achievement, great success, stylish pictures, great post,  and great and new friends in 2015. Stick around guys because this year 2015 is the year of Triumph for me, you might as well stay for the goodies since you've been here for the mere start. Hahaha love you guys, truly I meant that. 

Water melon top =  UTDesign

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  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your father, it must have been hard.

    Your outfit is stunning, just love how bright it is :) &&& loving that skirt :D

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Sandra!! I am here to wish you a merry , merry new year!I am sure it will be great because you are a good girl and you are worth it. Thanks for your beautiful words to me.You look lovely in this outfit. The blue midi skirt is fabulous!Kisses:)

  3. Happy new year, dear! :)
    I love those bright colors on you!


  4. I also don't make resolutions, and change things when I want.
    Lovely look, that top is so cool!

    Have a great week,

  5. Lovely Outfit ,you look gorgeous :)


  6. Very pretty. Your skirt is very cute :)


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