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Hello unique.

So I finally made myself to attend an event for a change a few weeks back; technically last year. Though I’m not one for going to events; I'll rather stay home and watch pictures of events than showing up there myself, but since I have been telling myself that, ‘I will go the next one’ I decided to do just that.
OK! Here it is, this event was tag #worldmusicfestivalabuja and the first time I saw this tag I was very excited up until I saw the artist line-up, which was disappointing because there wasn't any well known musician performing, in fact I didn't know any of the artist on the event line-up, but still I was not discourage to attend, because there was suppose to be an exhibition before the actual concert and since I had already planned to run a few errands that same day, it seems okay to attend.
However, it got worst; there wasn't much exhibitionist when I got there (African time) haha! So I just decided to make good of a bad situation by taking pictures of a few art work that interest me, since I happen to have a thing for arts.
Here are the few arts pics below:

I made something like this recently, I think i showed it on my instagram.

This are my favourite.

This set were pretty expensive; straight from burkina- fasso.

That's it guys!! my first event cover wasn't really what I expected, I can only hope it get better, because I plan to sacrifice my lazy time to bring you guys events you can’t attend physically, but can attend through pictures and narration. That’s it guys till my next event post. Fingers cross!! 

PS; I will blog about the outfit I wore to this event on my next post.
Stay great.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Great stuff :)

  2. It looks like quite interesting but I guess by your words you didn't enjoy very much.I hope you have fun next time Waitibg to ser your look son.Kisses:)

  3. Lovely photos.
    Happy New Year beauty :)

  4. Cute :)

    Looking forward to see the outfit you wore to that event :p

  5. I could just stare at every single piece! So many beautiful details! :)

  6. Great post dear! Those stuff looks amazing. Have a fun and productive Wednesday! :)

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