Back to Basic

Yep! This is my life right now, I should have just title this post back to school-back to casual or back to reality. The truth is,it all back to basic outfits like jean, pullovers, shirts and flats. School brings out the laziness to dress up in me; early morning classes don’t actually give me much time to plan or worry about my outfit or put much thought to what I wear so I just try to wear piece that stands out, item like this flat does a lot for a casual outfit. The truth is, you can be the chicest  in a T-shirt and jeans, it’s up to you to to make it yours, an original.

It's also back to studies for me;  it is the necessary part of my journey in life, I will still find time to keep blogging, because I love it and I don’t know how to do things haft way, I try to give 100% to the things I love; family, designing, school and blogging, no friends there, because I’m still working on my friendship skill.

Stay great guys.

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  1. It is great,Sandra!I am becoming more casual noe and I think it is perfect. Lovely sandals.Kisses

  2. Lovely look, cute sandals :)

  3. But you rock those basics! It's perfect, really! ;)

  4. The Pics are wonderful!

    Happy Sunday ,kisses

  5. You'll never go wrong with basics. ;)

  6. What a cool kid on the block! Oh, good luck with your exams! I know how you feel!


  7. love this look and ur hair is cool!

  8. Great style ! I love your jeans and your shoes are very pretty :)


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