Love or Obsession!

Hello Unique!

I can get really excited about things I want, mostly when I see something I really like. My mind goes like “oh! I want it! I need it! This or nothing” this was how I felt when I saw this white sneak in an online store, I fell in love with it instantly, but I had to wait a whole month due to the holiday rush, meanwhile my mind wouldn't just let up till I get it, I keep having imaginations; thinking of ways I’ll love rock it, style it and so on. *rolleye*

And when I finally received it I made a decision to give the sneaks all the attention by wearing my all time black faves, my skinny black pant and crystal tank top. There’s something about wearing white sneakers that just keeps you refresh on a sunny  day out.

Stay great guys!


  1. So lovely dear! Thanks for sharing and have an amazing new week!

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  2. One of my favourites looks of yours :D

  3. nice :) happy monday :)

  4. Nice look and love the shoe... I have the same habit as well - will not be happy till i get what i want!! xx

  5. Just perfect! ;)

  6. The white kicks look so perfect with the all black ensemble - great look!

    District of Chic


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