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Wow! Glad to be back here everyone, miss me! Or not! Sorry I left you guys hanging, I have been so busy writing school exams while trying to solve some challenges at the same time, because you know when we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change. I have had so many events that I wasn't prepared for, happened in my life recently that I’m starting to feel wiser and more experienced, mainly because I had to make tough decisions,(never had any reason to do that) take risk without knowing for sure if I will come out a winner, I guess I can’t remain in the sideline if I want a different results, good or bad I should have the satisfaction that I gave it my all and be able to live with myself without any sleepless night. I have so much in me right now that makes me feel  I’m starting to live, I guess it means I’m a grown up now.

Any way now that it’s school break I’m super excited to start working on my special pet project I talked about here last year, about me designing a whole collection for UTDesign, just received the shipments, I could just explode with excitement whenever I think about it. Can’t wait to share my experience with you all, #fingerscrossed!!

These outfits is actually my quick look for 5am lectures, (why I'm wearing a slippers without caring) I like to just wear over-sized shirt with details while running out the door.
Stay great guys!!

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  1. Hi Sandra! I am glad to hear you are on school break after the exams and about your new projects . That sounds great! I hope you can show us all the news in your blog. Beautiful outfit today. By the way...I thought you have had your hair died black. Kisses:)

  2. Welcome back, dear! Good luck with everything!
    I love the outfit, it's so cool and effortless :)

  3. You look so cool! love your hair :)


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