Unique ways to style Ankara (part 2)

Hello ladies, I hope you all are ready for the part two of styling your Ankara ensembles(check out my previous post in case you missed the part 1), this time around I’m styling to solve two problems, for those who go to school like me that does not allow armless dress, you know what I mean, and for those that are tired of wearing that armless dress the same way all the time.  The best thing to do to that kind of Ankara dress is to wear something solid and classy inside that will not make you look tacky, one can easily get this styling wrong by wearing the wrong ensemble inside, the trick is to stick to a plain and solid colour from the Ankara; I picked white here because it can pull the look together without any distracting effect, please make sure you stay away from a printed shirt so you don’t become a eye sore to people around you. Haha! Just work with a plaint shirt with the colour from your Ankara dress and you are good to go and make people around you wonder if the shirt is part of the dress or not. 

 The weirdness in me just love this photo so much. It's so funny. Thanks again @Harry for this.
Believe me I had so many admiring eyes on me and so can yous too, just follow this few tips above and tag me on Instagram when you do because I would really love to see your version. Love you all. And thanks for dropping by till my next post.

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  1. Beautiful style ! These shoes are gorgeous ! :)


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